Increase your bottom line with Financial Business Intelligence

The constant struggle of financial sectors to collect and analyze data from multiples sources and answer corporate questions regarding financial performance is well documented.

This challenge not only limits insight into the dynamics of the business, which affects financial results and delays actions that might improve corporate performance; the existence of data in multiple sources also results inĀ  data inconsistencies and unavailability.

TotaGo Technologies will help you create and implement a Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing (DW/BI) Strategies that will allow your organization to efficiently combine, store and analyze its key business data which provide the following benefits:

Financial consolidations and reporting

With consolidation of legal and statutory systems, your organization with have the ability to generate a more consistent and generalized financial statement. This will result in a single documented view of the entire business, standardization of key metrics, and identification of inconsistencies that can be addressed.

Delivery and Data Availability

By implementing our BI solutions, your organization will have far superior information delivery to business users. This means multiple access points for your centralized data, whether that’s from mobile devices or through the browser.

Risk Management

By leveraging Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing (BI/DW) Technology, your organization can better control risk across the organization through centralized data and better oversight.

Plan, Budget and Forecast

With insight into the data across the organization, you will be able to forecast cash requirements and make predictions as to what the profit and loss will look like months ahead. You organization will also have the ability to analyze profitability right down to the level of the individual product.