Proven Business Intelligence Implementation Strategies.

At TotaGo Technologies, we offer a wide range of business intelligence implementation services: Project Management, Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence system design and architecture, Reporting and Analytics, Tool Upgrade and Migration, Mobile Business Intelligence, Training, and Education.

Whatever your organizational need might be, our experienced consultants will partner with you to figure out the best approach for success.  We will help you craft a solution that satisfies your needs.

To learn more about our implementation services, see below.


Business Intelligence Development Simplified.

The fundamentals of Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence (DW/ BI) is providing key business people with the information and tools required to make both operational and strategic business decisions. However, creating and managing the DW/BI system is an extremely challenging task.

At TotaGO Technologies, we understand that building and managing a successful DW/BI system is a challenge.  We also know that your approach is what determines the likelihood of success.  Whether you are looking to build or improve your existing DW/BI system, our experienced team of consultants with proven practical techniques will help you figure out the best approach to succeed.

At TotaGo Technologies our DW/BI Lifecycle is an iterative approach based on the four primary principles:

1. Focus on the Business: We concentrate on identifying business requirements and their associated values. We work with business users to identify and understand the requirements that drive the design of all data integration and information extraction solutions.

2. Build an information infrastructure: We believe in designing a single, integrated, easy-to-use, high performing information foundation that meets the broad range of business requirements identified across the enterprise.

3. Deliver in meaningful increments: We build the Data Warehouse in increments that can be delivered within the project timelines.

4. Deliver entire solution: Provides all value added product to the Business.

 This includes:

  • Well-designed, quality-tested, accessible DW/BI systems
  • Ad-hoc query tools
  • Reporting applications and advanced analytics
  • Training and education resources
  • On call support
  • Full documentation for all phases of the project

DW/BI development can be messy, let’s make sure it’s streamlined.


Gain a competitive edge with Mobile Business Intelligence Solutions.

Unlike never before, organizations now have the ability to access corporate data anytime, anywhere, due to the emergence of the mobile devices and unprecedented connectivity.

Smartphones, tablets, computers, and even TV’s offer links into the connected world.

At TotaGo Technologies, our experienced team of consultants will work with you to build a customized Mobile Business Intelligence solution that satisfies your needs. In fact, we specialize in developing Enterprise Mobile Dashboards and Reports.

With 24 x 7 access to critical corporate data and systems that drive your business, your entire workforce will benefit from better decision-making and increased productivity.


Maximize your ROI with our BI Tool Migration and Upgrade Service.

There comes a point in time when businesses have to re-evaluate their return on investment (ROI) of existing Business Intelligent (BI) solutions.

At TotaGo Technologies, we understand that the evaluation process could be difficult and challenging. Our experienced team of consultants will work with you to evaluate your current infrastructure and recommend the appropriate solutions.

We look at the following key areas during our evaluation process:

  • Business goals, both short and long term
  • Budget available
  • Gap analysis (tool limitations and capabilities)
  • Potential ROI for action

In cases where replacing or upgrading the existing BI Tool is required, we will assist you in managing the entire process, while minimizing any disruptions and risks that could result from poor planning.

At TotaGo Technologies, we will work with you to create a road map for your upgrade project. This means following all best practices when it comes to every vendor.