Reduce manufacturing cost with Business Intelligence Analytics.

In these economic times, it is important to examine existing business practices and ask difficult questions: “How can we work smarter? How can we improve our processes? How can we regain our competitive advantage through operational excellence?”

Having insight into your corporate data to answer these critical question quickly will improve quality and manufacturing performance, reduce cost and reduce problem resolution life cycle.

TotaGO Technologies can help you improve both operations and return-on-investment through the implementation or our proven Business Intelligence Framework.

With TotaGo’s Business Intelligence Services, you organization will achieve the greatest value in the following areas:

  • Global Operation Management: obtain a consolidated view of all of your organization mission-critical activities that take place daily at sites around the globe.
  • Supply Chain Management: we will help your organization become more effective and efficient in dealing with vendors, distributors, and logistics partners with the ability to share information seamlessly among all stakeholders.  Our solutions will enable rapid detection of cost-cutting opportunities, areas in need of improvement, and major problems that require immediate attention.
  • Inventory Management: we will be able to implement just-in-time inventory models to keep your organization expenses low and operations efficient.
  • Demand Planning: we will be able to accurately forecast demand to avoid excess inventory of finished goods that can lead to waste of space and money. By consolidating sales forecast and pipeline information from various disparate systems, our framework will provide more precise insight into anticipated sales orders, so production levels can be set accordingly.
  • Quality Assurance: we can provide insight into customer data, allowing for in-depth analysis of all production and QA processes. This means that vital patterns and trends can be uncovered, and issues can be corrected as quickly as possible.