Employ a game changing Business Intelligence Strategy.

Delivering a meaningful Business Intelligence Solution is not only about having the right tool or technology.  The key is having the right strategy.

At TotaGo Technologies, we offer a range of services that support you in any aspect of a data warehouse and business intelligence initiative. From conducting BI maturity assessments and creating strategic roadmaps to building and managing a successful DW/BI system, we do it all.

We will make certain your entire workforce is equipped with the necessary tools, to have better insight into the information across the organization, enabling better decisions.

Learn more about our strategy services below.


Our Business Intelligence Project Management Methods.

As demands continue to grow, businesses continue to face the challenge of Planning, Implementing, and Delivering a Data Warehouse or Business Intelligence Project on time and on budget.

TotaGo Technologies will help you plan, facilitate, assess, manage, and guide complex Enterprise Business Intelligence roadmaps to ensure projects are delivered, while mitigating risk.

We based our core principles on the following industry best practices:

  • Conceptualize: Create a detailed and clear Business Intelligence Roadmap to ensure the solution design and implementation meets the project objectives with respect to functionality, performance, scalability and on-time delivery.
  • Communicate: Communicate project status, discoveries and recommendations effectively to both the business and the project team.
  • Design: Define detailed business, data and systems requirements.  Determine appropriate solutions for the projects.  Refine high level requirements and develop solutions based upon needed functionality.
  • Implement: Convert design into a fully functional product that meets Business Requirements.
  • Maintain: Create and maintain technical documentation to facilitate continued maintenance or enhancements of the application.

TotaGo Technologies will not only ensure that the solution design and implementation meets the project objectives, but we  will also identify potential roadblocks that may result in untimely product delivery.


Build a Solid BI/DW foundation using our Business Intelligence Architecture Services.

The key to creating an effective business intelligence (BI) and data warehousing (DW) environment is having the right group of people who understand the challenges involved and have a proven track record of implementing the correct solution to each unique challenge.

At TotaGo Technologies, our expertise is creating Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing solutions that will enable our clients to make quick game changing business decisions.

Our seasoned team of consultants with industry experience will help your company in the following ways:

  •  Identify and respond to business trends quickly, resulting in the ability to make better investment decisions.
  • Empower staff by providing timely and meaningful information.
  • Minimize manual and repetitive work processes
  • Provide the ability to efficiently view, manipulate, analyze, and distribute data
  • Consolidate data from multiple sources

Architecture strategy is one of the key components to any BI/DW initiative. Let us help you get it right.


Invest in the right product using our BI Tool Evaluation Service.

Choosing the right Business Intelligence tool for your company can be quite difficult. At TotaGo Technologies, we understand that this is even more challenging now than ever before.

We will assist you in selecting the right tool that meets your objectives.  With our years of experience with leading Business Intelligence tools, we will ensure that you select a product that is the right for you.

Our selection process is based on the following key metrics:

  • Core functionality
  • Infrastructure and architecture
  • Security and connectivity
  • Performance management and planning
  • Predictive analysis and data mining
  • Performance issues

Your organization will also benefit from our experience and expertise in business intelligence tool evaluation in the following ways:

  • Scalability testing for instant proof of concept, to see how the tool works in your environment
  • User acceptance, to ensure that end users will make use of the tool selected.
  • Leverage our tool vendor partnerships to ensure we have adequate product support.
  • On site assistance from one of our seasoned consultant who can answer any questions you may face.